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"I pledge to you that I will do my best to give you the most accurate expert medical information possible. I will leave no stone unturned in your medical endeavors."
C.W. Pete de Boisblanc

After a friend died of prostate cancer, C.W. "Pete" de Boisblanc decided to be tested. Though positive for prostate cancer, he decided to draw upon his Tulane University training (Pre-Med BS '54) and spent two nights at the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library. Because of his own research and confirmation by the second opinion of a noted physician in the field, he did not submit to the drastic surgery that was planned for him. Pete had spent 36 years in the "oil patch" but this crisis in his life made him realize that there was a need for the type of service he could provide---researched medical reports on diagnosed illnesses or diseases---for the individual or the attorney handling Medical Malpractice cases. Thus, H.I.S., Inc. was born.

Initially the subject of good-natured teasing by family members who are doctors, (brother Ben and cousin Renee), Pete has been helped by their occasional review in their respective areas of pulmonary medicine and surgery. And were the subject pathology, an uncle, also named Pete, could be called upon.

The company services clients throughout the United States in the field of providing medical experts in the legal medical arena for attorneys, companies and individuals searching for competent medical opinion.

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"Let me personally assist you in your medical expert needs."
C.W. Pete de Boisblanc
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